Support the Project

Daughters of Hanford aims to share stories of unique women throughout the Northwest and nation. The exhibit will debut at the REACH, in Richland, Wash., and then travel to other museums and universities across the nation. These stories will be told on public radio stations throughout the Northwest, in an interactive online application, through a project website and in the REACH gallery.  Your generous support can help us tell more stories and share the project with new audiences.

A special thank you to the following donors for their support:

  • Judith Loomis
  • Brenda Dau
  • Karen Blasdel
  • Debra Bowen
  • Marcia Hopkins
  • Nanette Walkley
  • Tayler Wellington
  • Robert & Rosemarie Quirk
  • Annanaomi Sams
  • Shirley Long
  • Ann Roseberry
  • Edward Stipe
  • Dr. Carolyn Lawson
  • Gary & Linda King
  • Sandra Edgemon
  • Peggy & Rene Vasquez
  • Thelma Triplett
  • Katie and Brad Ortega
  • Yusuf & Marie Noorani
  • Joe & Jane Roop
  • Steven Ghan & Sharon Grant-Ghan