Daughters Of Hanford Releases New Musical Theme, Exhibit Opens At The REACH Aug. 1


The multimedia project Daughters of Hanford opening at The REACH in Richland, Wash., Aug. 1, released its new musical theme called “Fission Phizz” today.

Walla Walla area composers Sally Singer Tuttle and Kristin Vining composed and performed the whimsical theme, which will pique public radio listeners’ interest when they are played with the feature stories. “Fission Phizz” is also a free downloadable (right click to save the file) ringtone.

Tuttle has played venues like Boston’s Tanglewood Music Center, New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Glinka Hall in St. Petersburg, Russia. She teamed up with pianist Kristin Vining to create the song “Fission Phizz.” The two musicians were inspired to compose for Daughters of Hanford when they learned that the fresh multimedia exhibit tells stories about women and their relationship with the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

“This project is unique,” Vining said, “in that Sally and I had to instantly communicate a specific sense of energy through music. Also the fact that we, as women and artists, were collaborating musically to celebrate the stories of other women gave this project a unique sense of excitement.”

Co-composer and cello player Tuttle, says she imagined a piano sound that bubbles and fizzes in a continuous and energetic sort of chemical process.

Fission Phizz BTS (AK)-05

“Kristin found the sound, following two preparatory chords, the thoughtful setting up of an experiment,” Tuttle said. “The cello begins as a separate voice of equal mass, the hummed song of a happy woman of brilliant mind.”

Daughters stories are really gaining momentum and regional interest now,” said Anna King, Daughters principal. “It was so fun to work with Sally and Kristen as they finessed this piece of music into its final form. Lilting, bubbly and wonderful – we feel so lucky to have ‘Fission Phizz’ as part of our series of a dozen public radio stories and portraits.”

For more information contact Anna King at 253.208.7727 or aking@wsu.edu.  

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